This is an interesting concept you have requiring "proof of sincerity and sanity" before being allowed on the Big Board. . . I like it, although I'm not sure I'll be posting enough to qualify as I only comment on the real world and don't speculate.

I say split personality, because I lived in Cincinnati for 15 years. But that is partially complicated by the fact that for 8 of those years I literally commuted between the Gateway City and the Queen City. So I have a pretty good insight into both. I now live in St. Louis full time, and I'll be honest. . . I am a Cardinals fan.. It's hard to live here and not be one.

Because of my Cincinnati connection, I would be hesitant to be disrespectful as I'm sure there are some on this board who are still my good friends.

One other thing about me. . . I'm old. Well, let me put it this way. I began my bizarre life's journey as a sportswriter in Ohio and I wrote about the Reds when they were still at Crosley Field. What does that tell you. LOL