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Yes. They like to have injured players sit on the bench and hope they get back in a few days...when the DL would be more prudent. They take their time moving players to the 60 day DL, that should be and can be moved there in order to get someone else on the 40 man. They like to play short...it seems a lot of times. This year...it seems the bullpen has someone who "is not right and cannot go today"

This year...Walt will actually have to make a trade or two in the middle of the year to help the team win, not just hold.
Great post.

I agree, we can sing praise from the rooftops that Sam got one out in a high leverage situation, but the overall bullpen needs help at the deadline. It looks like Brox may be in trouble. Marshall should come back soon, but they still need another reliever who can miss bats. Jim and Jeff were talking about bad luck on batted balls. This happens.... But if its not put in play there's no chance of anything falling. I'd like to see another reliever added before the deadline. Dusty needs as little thought as possible before getting to Chapman.