I thought it would be a good idea to pool our collective knowledge (or ignorance) on all things baseball related. As the thread title suggests, this is a place to post the things that make you scratch your head in the hopes that fellow 'zoners can help you find true enlightenment.

In the interests of healthy conversation, please don't dump a series of unexplainable phenomena such as "(Can you explain why) Dusty bats his CF first and his SS second;" or, "(Can you explain why) Votto likes fancy coffee." Even our powerhouse R&D dept. at Redszone can't answer those questions.

I'll start off with one: Can you explain why there's such a huge disparity between Tony Cingrani's ERA & xFIP on one hand, and his FIP on the other?

Season	Team	ERA     FIP	xFIP	
2012	Reds	1.80	3.29	1.87	

2013	Reds	3.02	4.04	3.05