Anyone have this?

I've been a Directv user for almost 7 years. I really have no huge beefs in comparison to other cable providers I've had over these many years.

Anyway.... I got a call from them yesterday... you know, one of them calls where every five seconds they are constantly thanking you for being a LOYAL Directv customer... and they offered me the Genie, and three mini Genies ... again, because I've been such a loyal customer.... absolutely free.

When I asked them about hidden charges/fees, do I have to pay for installation, they said it was all free. I haven't been under any contract with them for years, so the only "catch" was I had to enter into a 2 yr contract. I had no problem with that because I wasn't planning on leaving them anyway.

And while I had them on the line I juked them on the NFL Sunday ticket. I'm getting it for $25/month (payable over 6 months).