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I do not believe this is a good deal. Strop can't find the strike zone this year (even worse than in years past) and had good ERAs in 2011 & 2012 due to artificially low HR/9 rates. Now, I do not expect Strop to have a career average as high as his 2013 HR/9 (1.61, ouch), but I would expect him to end up around 1, which will bring his FIP around 4. Furthermore, Strop will begin to be arbitration eligible in 2014 and I don't think he will be such a bargain after next year. I just don't see a pitcher with a career BB/9 of 5.40 as valuable.

Jake Arrieta is also a guy who has struggled with walks big time in his career (4.00/9), and while he looked like he took a stop forward in that department this year, his small sample in the bigs this year showed regression.

I do not think Feldman is a super valuable asset, but I would have expected the Cubs to look for some younger, higher upside pieces. Acquiring two late 20s pitchers with control problems does not seem like such a great haul.
Feldman has some value, but unless they were able to find a Bill Bavasi (who thankfully doesn't have any sort of final say with the Reds) or Bill Smith who give up major league ready talent for middling major league talent, the best the Cubs could have gotten was maybe one decent prospect. I think if you are a team in the position like the Cubs are now, you stock up on the Jake Arrieta and Pedro Strop's of the baseball world and hope something pans out.