Cueto, Marshall and Heisey were all ready to go at one point and then missed significantly more time. The Reds don't need an upgrade from Ludwick, but they need an upgrade from Xavier Paul and Derrick Robinson to take over now and be available in case Ludwick doesn't come back and to play on the frequent days that he needs off. They also need a bridge to Hamilton who is looking less and less likely for 2014 IMO. I still think they can't afford Rios, but the Reds should go after a Reliever and LF/CF/4th OF package from some team. De Aza/Lindstrom from the White Sox, De Jesus/Russell from the Cubs, Ruggiano/Webb from the Marlins, Thurston/Denorfia from the Padres are four that come to mind. I'd give up Hoover as a main guy to get De Aza/Lindstrom or De Jesus/Russell. I'd probbaly only go with lesser guys in the other deals.

I'd absolutely give up Guillon for Russell straight-up. Not Garrett. I'd have to think about Contreras. I'd absolutely add Contreras to a package that brings De Jesus as well.