So, because a position that is stock full of talent, you have a cut off of five. Makes sense to me. Let's see from the 1920's to 1940... these first baseman played against or at the same time, and yet.... somehow they found a way to get into Cooperstown... Bottomley, Gehrig, Foxx, Greenburg, Sisler, Mize, and Terry. Now, Mize and Sisler were at the extremes, Sisler more in late teens and early twenties, and Mize in the forties.... but, ummmm five seemed ok then.

Now, so, you are counting Palmiero, McGwire, and Giambi in this. Ok.... anything help their stats? Anything? Thome, Thomas DH, Bagwell, McGriff, Delgado.... Helton.... ?

Welsh's comments were absolutely Romanticizing the players.... and not the numbers. He stated before the comments that the Hall of Fame chronicles, cherishes, and embraces the players and the game, it tells a story ...

Don Cameron
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