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Yes, what irony. What fools we'll all look like when we gaze back upon Barry Bonds and think that it was just how the baseball was wound. Or expansion.

Or the same ballparks they played in back then as they do now.

It was like the end of Dallas, just a dream....
Except we won't do that. Because we know far more about Bonds' situation than we do about other alleged users.
Steroids are not only used to boost power. They can be used for any number of other things in the game that would never be traceable to a player's numbers in any way.

If everyone could be using, what does it accomplish to write threads about how a player *might* be using? There is nothing we can do about drug use in baseball -- and there is no reliable way to tell from mere numbers or pictures whether use has taken place. We are fooling ourselves if we think otherwise.