I’m nearly certain that this is presumptuous and myopic, and I’ll probably regret saying this. . . But if there is one sentence everyone should take away from the post, it is this:

All the evidence I need about the Reds’ chances of winning the 2013 World Series is available in two recent stretches in Cincinnati – the Reds/Giants series of October 9-11, 2012, and the first three games of the Reds/Giants series, July 1-4, 2013.
I can barely stand to look at the old box scores – and I haven’t dared to re-watch the games – from the Reds/Giants three-game series in Cincinnati in October, 2012. It is still too raw for me. But I couldn’t help engaging in a quick comparison between this week’s first three games with the Giants and the Cincinnati-based games of that October 2012 series, especially when the outcomes were dramatically different.

This Reds team is so money, and they don’t even know it. At least, not yet.

Here’s a simple compare/contrast of these two series:

*Homer’s ace performance wasn’t wasted in 2013. (See Oct 9, July 2.) In fact, it was the difference-maker in the July 2, 2013 game.
*Bruce Bochy and his voodoo tactics (e.g., aggressive hook with his starters)—see Oct 9, July 3—were irrelevant to the outcomes of his team’s games in 2013.
*Is Dr. Choo the kryptonite to Bochy’s voodoo trance? He was awesome last night and provided the game-winning RBI tonight.
*Buster Posey’s clutch magic (see Oct 11) made no difference in 2013 (see July 2, 3).
*Dusty’s confidence in his starters benefitted him in 2013 (see July 2), but cost him in 2012 (see Oct 11).
*The injury to Cueto (again) didn’t matter in 2013, but it limited the Reds’ options in 2012.
*Sergio Romo and Lincecum (Oct 9 and 10 winning pitchers, respectively) were neutered and impotent (respectively) in 2013.
*Chapman was electric tonight. My theory is that he needs marble-sized sweat beads and mid-summer, global-warming heat (a la Cuba) to aid in his effectiveness.
*The Reds out-hit and out-OPS’ed the Giants in both three-game sets – take a guess which series the Reds won.

It is only a few games, but this is good evidence.

At this point, the primary obstacle standing in the way of the Reds' postseason greatness is "Big Brother." You all know which team I'm referring to.