Does anyone know anything about this? From what I gather it was originally scheduled for this past spring but ran into funding problems and is now attempting a kickstarter campaign. I haven't checked out The Official Website yet, I may find answers there.

A couple of interesting things about this. First, the casting. Some of it sounds great: Steven Lang as Lincoln, Powers Booth as A.S. Johnston, Neal McDonough as Hooker. Some of it, such as Rob Lowe as Grant, is, well, interesting.

I own a book by the same name, written by Burke Davis in 1959. He's a southern sympathizer, even using "we" for the Confederates, and I'm not, but it's a well-written, fair book that I'd highly recommend. It only covers the last nine days, though, and the mini-series covers the whole war, so it's not exactly source material.

I have long wanted The History Channel to do a dramatic maxi-series on the Civil War, lasting several years. This series is only scheduled for eight episodes, and it will be hard to tell the story at that length.

Still, I'm excited about this. Has anyone heard anything?