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As a coach, that's the argument that makes my skin crawl. It's usually one made by the parent of a kid who isn't very good... "he never gets to play so we'll never know if he's any good".

Hamilton would be a desperation move at this point. If the Reds tank the rest of the month while BH gets hot, maybe you'd see it happen. That's the only scenario that I'd think it could happen.
I've coached 17 seasons of varsity sports including the regionals this past fall and we lost in the regional finals (lead 2-0 in the 6th) to the eventual state champ this spring.....so I get what you're saying but I still believe it would work for a short term spurt to get this offense going.

I made a comment and no one has to agree....that's fine. I'm not speaking another word about BH in this thread and apologize if this thread gets overwhelmed with BH talk.