The bullpen is constantly pointed at as one of two reason for this team's struggles. Surprisingly, every current member of the bullpen is on some sort of scoreless streak, from the good (Parra, Hoover) to the stupidly short (Partch, Ondrusek, Chapman). The question is whether these guys are starting to perform up to their capabilities or if help is still needed? Partch and Ondrusek are likely to be replaced by Broxton and Marshall when those guys come back, so keep that in mind too...what moves do you make that would make you feel comfortable in this group?

Relief Pitcher, Game Streak, Inning Streak, Last Time Giving Up A Run
LeCure - 9 G, 8 innings, Jun 13
Simon - 7 G, 7 innings, Jun 20
Hoover - 9 G, 11.1 innings, Jun 9
Parra - 14 G, 12 innings, Jun 7
Partch - 2 G, 4 innings, Jun 21
Ondrusek - 3 G, 1.2 innings, Jun 7
Chapman - 3 G, 3 innings, Jun 23