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You know, I wouldn't go out of the way to pander to the crowd, I'd just start putting the new slash up, mention it a few times here and there and let the people find out it's value. Be the authority and force the crowd to catch up.

Joey Votto 2-3, BB, HR Today

Almost like a horse racing program with all the codes you have to get up to snuff on. Indiscreet, but prominent, and definitely indispensable.

The racing comparison is also strangely apt since I do feel these new numbers do sort of lend themselves to a pure odds perspective. I worry a little bit that the game would be reduced to slot machine analysis.
Yep. This is how the more progressive broadcasts have been doing it with OBP and OPS -- they don't get rid of the existing stuff, they supplement.

Regarding the .123 format vs. the 12% format, my concern is that without a sufficient formatting break, you're going to confuse people when you say that Votto went from being a ".334 hitter (based on AVG)" to a ".262 hitter (based on Hit%)". The cognitive dissonance would just be too much. But that's definitely the kind of conversation/testing I'd want to have.