The Tigers will pull away from the surprisingly strong Indians in the AL Central. The Rangers will edge the As in the AL West, though the latter will join the Orioles in the wild-card game. The Braves will hold onto the NL East and the Cardinals to the NL Central, with both surmounting challenges by the wild-card-winning Nationals and Pirates. The Diamondbacks will be passed by the Dodgers in late September thanks to their porous bullpen and the erosion of their rotation depth.
Jay Jaffe (SI) thinks the Reds will miss out. I think he is wrong.

NL East - Atlanta
NL Central - St. Louis
NL West - Los Angeles
Wildcard 1 - Cincinnati
Wildcard 2 - Arizona

AL East - Tampa Bay
AL Central - Detroit
Al West - Oakland
Wildcard 1 - Boston
Wildcard 2 - Texas

Cincinnati over Oakland in the World Series. Dusty follows Tony LaRussa's lead and rides off into the sunset.