Before you absolutely lose your mind think about this. The Reds obviously have a hole in left field that needs to be addressed. If we are being realistic, we know that Ryan Ludwick will not come back from the DL in the same form that he was in during the 2012 Postseason. If Walt could put together a deal such as this
The Marlins receive:
Aroldis Chapman, Ryan Ludwick/Chris Heisey, Daniel Corcino (yes he is having a bad year, but there is still value there), and maybe a mid-level prospect
The Reds receive:
Giancarlo Stanton and Steve Cishek
Do you do it? Yes Chapman is well liked in Cincinnati and the Marlins have said Stanton isn't going anywhere, but if this trade could happen, would you do it?
This may be a little bit of a video game trade but I think the Marlins would definitely consider it and I think Reds fans should be behind it all the way. The Reds window to win a World Series could close in 2 or 3 years with many players eligible for free agency by 2015. Acquiring a player such as Stanton could really push the Reds over the top.
A lineup such as
CF: Choo
2B: Phillips
1B: Votto
LF: Stanton
RF: Bruce
3B: Frazier
SS: Cozart
C: Hanigan

Would be completely dominant. Closers are a lot easier to come by than players of Stanton's caliber. Sure Chapman is a lot better than an average closer and it would hurt not seeing him come out of left center anymore but Cishek is no joke, he could definitely hold his own. If the Reds could do this, I would be behind it 100%.