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I have no problem trading Chapman, but not for spare parts that could be picked up off the waiver wire. He's an impact player. Reds need impact player(s) back for him.
Joc Pederson is an impact player in CF and Onelki Garcia isn't a spare part. Pederson is top 100 prospect who was the Dodgers number 4 prospect. Garcia is the Dodgers number 7 prospect. Van Slyke is their number 16 prospect. Gordon was their number 1 prospect in 2010 and 2011, is still young and runs like the wind. None of these guys are guys you'd get off the waiver wire. Pederson would be the Reds opening day CF with potential to have a power, OBP and speed combo that we haven't seen around here since Reggie Sanders. Van Slyke would be the 4th OF with RH pop on the cheap, Gordon the UI and Garcia would be the upper level, power lefty bullpen prospect who could contribute in 2014 that the Reds don't have in their system and given the uncertainty of Marshall's status, is badly needed. Chapman is going to cost the Reds $10 Million or more next year between his arb award and his current deal converting to a bonus. The Reds really can't afford an established impact guy. Too many guys have big raises coming in 2014. Chapman, Latos, Bailey, Leake, Marshall, Broxton, Ludwig, Lecure, Parra, Simon, Bruce, Cueto, Phillips, Heisey and even Ondrusek are all guys who should get or have already negotiated raises. Even with Arroyo, Choo, Masset and Arredondo off the books and no one else brought in, the payroll is going up significantly. There won't be money to replace or re-sign Choo and I'd say Bailey or Chapman will need to be dealt with little or no money coming back to add bodies to fill holes.

Chapman is going to be very expensive as relievers go. I think the market is limited with teams that can afford the luxury and the Reds really aren't one of them. The idea that the Reds could deal him for whatever they want is a Redszone delusion. The idea that the Reds can afford all these guys and replace Choo is another. They have in house replacements for Arroyo and they have some decent depth for the bullpen. The Reds need to retool with cheaper guys who can be productive players and dealing the one guy who can net 3 or 4 of them while having in house depth to replace him seems the way to go IMO.