"When the Reds decided to make that deal they knew they were keeping Joey, good or bad, for most of that time. They made him the core of the team for the next decade, and it's an almost irrevocable decision."

OK RedLegJake. That's what you said. Now, me believing that the franchise would be doing itself a majoy favor by allowing the future Yankee (Sock/Angel/Dodger) to leave now........what makes you believe that "Tt's an almost irrevocable decision"?

Now, putting his need to "Accept a trade" part of his balloon-sized contract aside. I mean sure, he would have to accept a trade, that is part of his deal. But, do you agree at this point that his contract is virtually unmovable? I often do feel this way, especially if we wanted any type of Top Prospects in return for him.

Let me ask you, we're approaching the Trade Deadline here. What do you think the Reds could net for Joey right now? Or, would we just kinda have to accept trash in return vs. eating a large portion of his contract??

Everybody.....Chime In !!!
There's nothing to chime in on because the idea of the Reds trading their franchise player (and likely next HOFer) is preposterous. Thankfully, we'll never have to worry about it because the ownership group and those they've chosen to run the team would never even entertain the thought.