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Yeah, gotta admit that I had some false hopes after the Giants series and then winning game 1 vs. Dodgers, like maybe a 9-2 type road trip. Then the bats went to sleep. It's been a very frustrating season. And I haven't really looked at the stats, but just from checking box scores and the occasional Reds game I get to see on TV, it seems like Votto is striking out at a greater pace than he's done in the past. Then again you could probably say that for a few players this year.
Re: Pence...sounds like a right-handed Jay Bruce at the plate. Not sure we need another streaky hitter. I would pass if it meant giving up more than a few C+ prospects.

Agreed on this road trip...such high hopes after demolishing the Giants and beating Greinke...the good news is there are 2 months of baseball left. The bad news is there are 2 months of baseball left.