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I never once thought you were lying or would lie....I admire your professionalism with Baseball and how you handle your opinions.....I was merely asking because most people I debate Pete rose topics with see far from educated about Pete....now, I am not saying your not educated simply because you did not read the dowd, but reading it from from to back and in its 100% entirety, I was educated to a completely different phase of "the Pete Rose life"......I went from being a fan but still someone who was mad and hurt and embarrassed that my childhood favorite player was a cheat, to seeing a different side of the whole story.

Let me give just one example....I have hundreds but this is a simple example. A bookie in the report had just filed bankruptcy and was not doing good as a book maker or in his real career as a restaurant owner.....Pete had used this bookie for about 2 years off and on.....this bookie was paid 100k for his testimony by an associate of Dowds....this "bookie" basically had 1 client and that client was Pete.....now, once you research this cat and see that he was truly not a bookie, yet was just a friend of Pete's that Pete would use to place his bets then you also can find how's Mr Dowd referred to this one guys testimony to about 95% of his "findings".......again, I am not saying Pete was innocent as even Pete himself has said he used this restaurant owner as his bookie, but this guy was paid and paid well and was broke.....it doesn't prove innocence but I do think it proves that some of the report could have been forged but "bookies" who were financially paid very well to provide info on Pete....I have a hard time putting my faith in a person who is only giving his side of the story based on how well he is paid.

Lets fast forward to the biogenesis report.....the owner has been paid by MLB....we don't know how much just yet but we know that baseball sent people to his house and offered money to talk.....think about that, he already has "dirt" on all these players cheating, you think he might create a little more dirt or make it sound a little worse than it truly is if he thinks MLB is going to keep coughing up the coin? Sure he is. So if arod bought hgh just once from this guy and he has 100% proof, he might tell MLB that Alex bought hgh 100 times just to keep them wanting more info and paying more moment,,..after all, who is going to believe Alex? This whistle blower has already proved that Alex bought hgh when Alex denied it....so who is going to believe Alex now? All the while this biogenesis owner is sitting back making tons of cash by telling lies and possible forging documents to prove his lie....all they have is written on paper....he could have wrote those names down on paper once he realized MLB would pay topmdollar for good info on good players......think about it, how many AAA players are on the list? How many .200 average hitters? The guy gave big time names.....maybe that's all he helped, but just maybe he is telling a fib in order to make some cash, just as I think some bookies did in the dowd.....in both cases they are still wrong and stil need to be punished but I just don't know how much I can trust.

Reading the dowd will open some eyes if you read it with an open mind...if your already convinced that Pete gambled on every reds game and gambled them to lose then reading it might not help your opinion any.
I don't know if Pete ever gambled on the Reds to lose. Frankly though, it doesn't matter. He gambled on the game. A lot. For years and years. He eventually admitted to it. At this point, nothing in the Dowd Report matters because Pete's own words say that he gambled on the game while playing and while managing.