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Pete Rose is trash. He was my favorite player as a kid. I even wore #14 three or four different years in his honor. Then I grew up, he got kicked out of baseball, and he embarrassed himself further by lying about it for far too many years. I won't even get into the kind of husband and father he's been. His problem has always been that he thinks of himself as bigger than the game. He still comes across that way in his interviews.

He's desperate to get back in baseball because he knows someone will pay him in some capacity. That's all it's ever been about for Pete. He doesn't care about the game. He only cares about getting a paycheck at the expense of the game.

So I take it you don't have to many favorites in today's game? I can't think of one single player that plays for the love of the game.....not one...if they did play for them love of the game they would not ask for such a high salary and ask management to take the millions they could be making and use it to help pay for some more talent......and I am not talking about hometown discounts....if a player plays for the love of the game he would play for enough of a salary so he and his family can be comfortable......back when Pete played, players had part time jobs in the off season because they just didn't make great money unless you were a star.....nowadays the guys riding the bench makes great money. I could go on and on, but it just isn't worth it.....Pete rose was a bum of a father and husband.....Pete gambled on baseball and deserved his punishment, I get it. But Pete put up numbers like no other and probably no other ever will, he hustled every single play regardless of being up 10 runs or down 10 runs.....he never took a play off, he played every songle play like Ryan freel times 100 and he hit like Tony Gwynn times 10, and he was a Red and is a Red for life. He has embarrassed me these past 20 years and I have refused to wear my 14 jersey that my wife got me for Christmas a few years back.....but I am ready to move on....

if Pete would have walked in and killed Mr. Dowd in front of Marge Schott and on life TV then commenced to burn all the evidence, he would be getting out of prison right now and the HOF would be cordially inviting him to attend his induction ceremony the first year he walked free......and that my friends is what is sad, Pete could have been a killer and been in better standing with you all.