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most "spider bites" are actually not spider bites. a lot of these are bacterial infections especially MRSA infections. MRSA can affect ill people in many ways (pneumonia, urine infections, blood infections). in healthy people it can still cause serious skin abscesses. people usually end up needing an I&D (incision and drainage) in the emergency room or in the operating room. from what you are describing you need to get this looked at. if you do have a bacterial infection (especially MRSA) the sooner you get treatment started the better.
I appreciate it. I'm sure it's a spider bite though. It's got the two very distinct bite marks in the center of the red area that have scabbed over, with smallish white rings about both, and my room has been a hotbed for spiders recently as I see them very often. And there isn't any puss whatsoever, which my understanding was often more indicative of an infection.

The fang marks are pretty distinct in this case.