I have never liked the Dodgers going back to my younger days when the Reds were in the West with them. I didn't get to see yesterday's game live, but I just got to watch Puig's walkoff on MLB.com...I have heard that Puig was a bit of a hot dog, but after watching that ridiculous slide into home to cap off the trot that started with his bat flip deal I am pretty annoyed.

Remember Chapman's somersault after he closed out a game against Milwaukee? I wasn't thrilled about that either (not that it matters since I'm persona non grata)

The Reds play the trolley dodgers for 3 games in Cincy Sept 6-8. Will Puig be dusting himself off on the first pitch of his first at bat? I don't know, I kinda hope not. If I had my druthers I would love to see the Reds just absolutely destroy them three straight. Forget about beanball wars, instead break out the bats and throw up a whole bunch of crooked numbers on them.

Maybe I am overreacting? Maybe Puig was just channeling a Ricky Henderson-like love for the game and I just need to go with it. Thoughts?