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Eh, it's close. The Thomas's are so big and athletic I think it gives them a slight edge.

Marvin had the greatest hands I've ever seen, but with the new rules (which I count as a weapon for Peyton) and the size of the guys he has with Denver, I gotta go with them. Wayne was young during Marvin's prime and wasn't quite the expert route runner he became later after Marvin was gone. So I think Decker in his prime is pretty even with a young Reggie Wayne. And as you said Welker is better than Stokely. James probably gives those Colts teams an "edge" in running backs, but I don't think in this day and age of passing first, second and third NFL its a big edge.
Edge was great out of the backfield too and don't forget Clark up the seam and Marcus Pollard was a very good receiving tight end. The year Peyton had 49 touchdowns 3 receivers went over 1000 yards and had 10 touchdowns. It's close but the Colts fan homer in me says the Colts had better weapons.