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You guys are Missing the point entirely. Should I even try to explain it again?

Here goes. ..

A roster improvement in Sept doesn't have to be a ss to replace Izturis, doesn't have to be a 1b that plays in place of Jones or Sanchez. The rosters expand and your bench can get better for the late inning matchups. Byrd vs. Lhp, Morneau vs Rhp. Like the guy above said about Magic cards, he was in jest, but he gets it. You supply your deck with the right cards to win the little battles. Thus giving you a better chance at the major battle. The games within the game per se. Dusty doesn't have as good of cards as Hurdle now has. Becasue Huntington made these minor nearly costless moves. Walt didn't.

But you all keep quoting yearly stats and whatever else makes you happy. Ignoring the splits, ignoring the situational advantages. You guys should play simulation baseball against another human. Maybe you would see these little advantages matter.
And all the stats guys keep forgetting the Reds are absolutely maxed out on their payroll. They're rolling with what they've got.