I was wondering if anybody could help me out. I moved out a few years ago and went with a DirecTV and Zoomtown bundle that was the cheapest I could find for both services. Anyways, I moved again between then and now and got the Cincinnati Bell Fioptics internet, but the bundle with DirecTV is no longer in effect. Long story short, I am satisfied with both Fioptics internet and DirecTV, however both services are now pretty pricey. DirecTV has me at about $110 a month because I have the lowest channel package that includes FSO and they fee you for each tv you have.

I saw that Cincinnati Bell Fioptics tv has a lot of the same features as DirecTV and their channel packages that include FSO and MLB Network are cheaper than DirecTV. Of course, it is the introductory price. Anways, I was wondering if anyone out there has Cincinnati Bell Fioptics tv and could give me a review on it. Do they fee you for each tv? If so, around how much per tv? Is the DVR and channels satisfactory? I know my DirecTV dvr and channels go out sometimes which is annoying. Also, around how much to expect for increasing after a year of the introductory, promotional price?

I have googled this service already, but the normally bad reviews about it are from 2009 and 2010.