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I think part of Pete's problem is that he lied for so long. That's what people don't like, imo. I think that is what is being held against him. Also he used his coming out and telling the truth as a cash grab for his new book. Also being held against him. He lost some sympathizers there I think with that move.

Pete was also one of those players, like A-Rod, you either love him or hate him. In baseball circles - there are more that hate him than love him.

Pete's situation may never change, but if it does, someone else will be commissioner and I also think Pete will be long dead when it or if it ever happens.
His greed and inability to tell the truth is what turned me against him. Was his biggest fan back in the 70's, 80's, and even the early 90's. He took me, and all of the city, for fools. He won't get that chance again.