Without trading Bailey, my plan as of right now would be:


I'd tell Chapman to prepare as a starter, as usual, in the event of an injury he can step in early.

Sign what's left of the list above to a minor league deal.

Resign Parra to a 2 year deal. With Broxton as the closer and Marshall healthy all year, the bullpen will be good.

Extend Leake 4 years, 30 million.
Extend Latos 6 years 90 million.

Push the money back on these extensions so that you can sign either:

Choo 5 years 70 million
Stephan Drew 3 years 22 million.

Drew is a LH SS that leads off well and hits RHP around .775 OPS for his career.

Cozart moves to the utility role and learns 3b and SS and focuses on hitting LHP with power.

Payroll moves to about 105 million, which after a WS title is nothing!