If the LFP does not ban referee carlos Muniz Fernandez after the Esche-Real Madrid travesty today, it is not a real league in my book. Two weeks after this guy robbed Sevilla of a legit goal to gift Barca 3 points, he robs Esche of a point.

All of the following occurred after Esche tied RM 1-1 on 90 minutes.
--Two yellows to Sergio Ramos turns into one.
--3 minutes stoppage time turns into SEVEN extra minutes.
--And finally, a foul by Pepe turns into a foul on him and RM gets a PK for the win.

This match had to have been fixed. Different rules for Barca and RM than the rest of LFP. In a real league, the ref would be banned for a long time, and Pepe (in addition to be dirty player, one of the biggest simulators) should be video-banned. But I'm not holding my breath. Shame on the LFP.