I am a leader of a group of Full Season Ticket Holders, and would like to consider myself a loyal supporter, along with my fellow ST Holders. You might be thinking, I have money, fell into some tickets, however its quite the contrary.
Our group consists of 8 members between the ages of 24-27, who all have played collegiate baseball or competitive HS baseball. We ultimately decided to make this group happen for 2 reasons.

1. We enjoy being at the park surrounded by folks who have a clue. (Not yelling at players for physical mistakes, or somehow swinging and missed a 97 mph cut fastball on the corner)
2. We wanted the chance to be able to purchase playoff tickets at face value.

MLB and their playoff ticket structure for their most loyal fans is a compete joke.

1. You must purchase every ticket to all NLDS/NLCS to even qualify for WS tickets... that's fine... BUT WITH 10 days notice. Also don't expect the refund $ from games played until 4 weeks after the Reds either win the WS or are eliminated?

SO... since the MLB process is so unforgiving and unfair to blue collar, hard working fans, who don't sell tickets for a living, or have a stock pile of cash, get crapped on.... we are working on a solution.

We are turning to more true fans, because that is who we want in the park... PERIOD. We will not list on Craigslist, EBay, Stubhub, ect...

Our group is selling our 2 extra NLDS Game 1,2,3 tickets at box office cost.

- Seats will be located in Terrace Outfield and will be $67 a piece.
- I am only using Pay Pal to protect me & you.

If you are interested in tickets, please private message me with a short message explaining your fandom, the games you want, and their priority, and your Pay Pal email. I only have 2 extra tickets to each game.

We are looking to expand our ST holder group for next year. If you are interested in joining please message me and I will get back to you with details in Late November.

Go Reds.