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The politics of the series just makes me confused. It seems a jumbled mess which might be the point but it just gets wierd- especially with the Jedi and stormtroopers are fighting together but later they are not. Why is it there is a droid army in the prequels that seem more advanced technologically than anything in the original 3? Then there is that robotic general that coughs (ep 2?) that is clearly more advance tech than anything later on. Did the clone wars set back the tech world?
I think the idea was that tech/culture flourishes under the good guys, and regresses under the bad guys. The world is more colorful and full in the first 3 (mainly the first 2) because evil hasn't taken over, and the world is more drained of color and life in episodes 4,5, and 6 because that's what happens under a totalitarian regime.

That seems to have been the idea, anyway.