Let me give another perspective on the Choo play that nearly blew up this forum.

FIRST AND FOREMOST...he should've slid.

Now (and please don't burn down my house) Choo is he at all known for not hustling or playing very hard?

Ok....his momentum should not have been going back to 3rd when it was and that also cost him even needing to slide. When he was running home the play appeared an easy score but the ball bounced right back to Estrada and I think Lucroy messed him up stopping to block the plate in a strange spot and by the time Choo realized there was a play that he had nowhere to slide.

He has to be not going back to 3rd when he was.

He has to assume a play and slide once he commits to running.

He should've been out at 2nd and then 3rd by a mile...he played with fire and got burned (and it was his own doing)....but IMO and question him as a player who doesn't give it his all.