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For the most part I've been able to "see" major league talent in Dayton. I just didn't see it with Yorman. Fwiw, I liked Duran better and I don't see much in him either.

It will not disappoint me at all if I'm wrong.
A few problems with this IMO.

First, In Dayton it was well documented that Yorman, the 18-year-old, had some major stuff going on in his life and that he had an "effort" problem.

That is the guy that you saw. That however wasn't the guy when he was 19 or now that he is 20. Talking to people who are in and around the organization, it has been night and day.

As for the whole part where you have been able to see Major League talent in Dayton and didn't see it with Yorman, I guess I have to ask about your baseline. Were you comparing him to other 18 and 19 year olds or just the league in general? It makes a pretty big difference. Realistically, the amount of 18 or 19 year olds that have come through Dayton is very limited. In the last 8 years it has been Bruce, Soto, Torreyes, Duran and now this year with Winker and Rahier. With Yorman, that makes 1 teenager per year.

I will also say that I saw Yorman both years in Dayton. The tools were there. The execution wasn't. What I have seen this year is such a large jump forward in execution is incredible.

I will echo something that redsof72 will bring up from time to time though, not all scouts are in agreement on players and some times you will get big variances in evaluations.

A scout I talked to who saw Yorman in Bakersfield this year absolutely raved about him. We were talking about him for a minute and he asked me about my thoughts. At the time I told him that I hadn't seen him this season, but that I loved the tools but his plate discipline (based on what I had seen coming into 2013) was a big drawback. He quickly corrected me in that it was no longer a problem, then went on to rave more about the tools.

A few weeks ago when I was in Pensacola I talked with another scout who wasn't so impressed with him. He said he didn't really care how young he was, that if you are in AA he wants to see results and .270 without home runs didn't do it for him.

Clearly different strokes for different folks I guess, but the tools stand out for me when I watch him play and always have. The difference for me is that now, the production and execution is starting to show up too.