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This is a tough one. I guess the first question I have to ask is, "under rated compared to what ratings?" My ratings? Baseball America? Baseball Prospectus? John Sickels? Jonathan Mayo? General Redszone feelings?

My initial thought, and it may sound crazy when I say it, is Robert Stephenson. When I see national rankings and see 5+ other pitchers ranked ahead of him, I just can't wrap my head around it. When Mayo ranked Billy Hamilton ahead of Stephenson, I couldn't figure it out.

To me, it matters more that a guy like Stephenson is underrated than if a guy in the 20's or 30's in his own system might need to be up 5 spots.

Robert Stephenson is ranked 32nd best prospect in rankings that came out today. Ahead of him is a 19 year old coming off of Tommy John with under 30 innings pitched in A-ball.