Alright, it's that time of the year again!

And I want to thank VottoFan54 for sending me a PM and reminding me too, because you all remember the last two years where, in my absent-mindedness, I started it late and missed the first week.

They'll be two categories again.... BIG TEN and OTHER NATIONAL GAMES

I thought about changing it up this year and playing the regular season schedule, like we did the bowl games at season's end, and utilize the point spread, but decided to keep it simple for the simple-minded (like me)

So here goes, and GOOD LUCK TO ALL (lets have fun!)....



Thursday (8/29)

Indiana State @ Indiana
UNLV @ Minnesota

Friday (8/30)

Western Michigan @ Michigan State

Saturday (8/31)

Southern Illinois @ Illinois
Purdue @ Cincinnati
Massachusetts @ #23 Wisconsin
Buffalo @ #2 Ohio State
Syracuse vs. Penn State
Northern Illinois @ Iowa
Central Michigan @ #17 Michigan
Wyoming @ #18 Nebraska
#22 Northwestern @ California


Thursday (8/29)

North Carolina at No. 6 South Carolina
Tulsa at Bowling Green
Ole Miss at Vanderbilt
Rutgers at Fresno State

Friday (8/30)

Texas Tech at Southern Methodist

Saturday (8/31)

No. 1 Alabama vs. Virginia Tech
No. 5 Georgia at No. 8 Clemson
No. 12 LSU vs. No. 20 TCU
No. 19 Boise State at Washington
Temple at No. 14 Notre Dame
Toledo at No. 10 Florida
Nevada at No. 21 UCLA
Brigham Young at Virginia

Sunday (9/1)

Ohio at No. 9 Louisville

Monday (9/2)

No. 11 Florida State at Pittsburgh