Guys . . . Under a different username, I’ve been a regular here for a few thousand posts. A couple years ago, I also established this account under my name, for the purpose of discussing a subject on which I’ve been writing a book. I haven’t followed-up in quite a while, but now have occasion to solicit some input from thoughtful fans like many of you.

The book (tentatively titled Intangiball) is about the value of intangibles in baseball. While it wanders far afield and involves many organizations, the Reds—specifically, their editions of 2008 to 2012—sort of hold the narrative together. Anyway, the first draft and heavy lifting are now finished, but the editor suggests folding in more testimony from fans whose attraction to the game in based, at least to a large degree, on its human elements. This is not indicative of any anti-sabermetric theme, but a supposition that, while the numbers appeal to and fascinate many fans, the fundamental passion that draws folks to baseball is, to a large extent, a function of its theater, ambiance, subtlety, color, and various subjective aspects; its personal side, in other words.

In that context, I’d be interested in hearing from you guys (gender neutral) on any number of relevant topics. Things like * whether your rooting interest in the Reds is at all related to the character, effort, and personalities of the individuals who make up the roster; * whether, and why, your attraction to the team has fluctuated over the seasons; * whether your affinity for the club declined or picked up (if either) after Griffey and Dunn were traded; * whether you believe that Jocketty’s penchant for bringing in players with evident character/leadership assets—Rolen, Cabrera, Ludwick, perhaps Gomes—has played a substantial role in the organization’s competitive upturn over the past few years.

If anyone would prefer to discuss this through private messaging, that’s fine. The more personal your remarks, the better. Thanks.