The 2013 season is about to start and the hoopla is getting petty intense right now. One thing that has always struck me is how many fans and experts alike tend to ignore what happened on the field and anoint teams to loft expectations that aren't due. That said here are some of my fearless predictions.

The Bengals advance to the 2nd round of the playoffs. I can't tell you whether its because they get a buy or because they win in the first round, but they will play in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

Father time is cruel. The Broncos will win the west easily but Manning's arm will fare no better in the cold than it did against Baltimore in the playoffs last season. While Sean Payton breathes life into the Saints, the missed year last year will hurt.

The Pats will make the playoffs, but mainly due to 4 games against the Jets and Bills. The Dolphins win the AFC East due to a strong defense and an improving Tannehill.

The rookie QB's that took the league by storm last season suffer a letdown this season. Luck puts up the best numbers of the group. Kaepernick and RGIII both see a decline because of more tape available on them.

The Chiefs get a WC berth based upon a good head coach, a good game manager at QB, and a division where they can beat up on the Chargers and the Pryor led Raiders.

Chip Kelly realized that the NFL isn't Eugene and the Michael Vick experiment is over. But the Eagles manage to finish in 3rd place in the NFC East ahead of the Soap Opera known as the Cowboys.

The Seahawks finish 1st in the NFC and ride home field advantage to the Super Bowl where the officials are not clad in black and gold.