So we need to trade Phillips, sit Votto, let Arroyo go, and fire Dusty. Me, I am gonna sit back enjoy the ride I am on watching another good year of Reds baseball where the guys we are criticizing are leading us to another playoff appearance. I think that the ownership team we have right now wants Brandon around, which is why we signed him long term. Who knows, if Ludwick hadn't of gotten hurt, Phillips might have a higher OBP. Next year, he should be having a majority of his ABs in a different spot and should be doing better. I think he changed his batting approach this year to that of someone whose job it is to drive in runs. He has done that a lot, but because he has a tendency to hit in double plays, Votto is usually walked in front of him. Again, having someone better made for the 4 hole would make BP and Votto better, but no one has been blowing the doors off from the right side and I would rather have BP hitting for me than Frazier, Cozart, Hanigan, and Mesoroco right now. And if ownership wants to keep paying him that money, and still pay to get others to help this team, then I want BP here as long as he can produce compared to other 2nd basemen in the league.