It may be lost in the mayhem of players arguing with reporters but I saw this tidbit from Dusty in the St. Louis paper and thought it interesting. I am glad to see he was thinking ahead to Homer's next start last night.
Baker wasn't shy about mentioning this angle after the game. The Reds manager helpfully explained that he'd limited his Wednesday starter, Homer Bailey, to a lower pitch count in his most recent start because he wanted his righthander to be fresh against the Cardinals.

As for the Reds' advance assessment of Waino...

“We knew we had a chance," Baker told reporters after the win. "Wainwright had gone 128 pitches the time before, that’s quite a strain on him. That’s why I took Homer out at that point, about 115 pitches. He’s pitching next week against the Cardinals. I didn’t want to be in same situation.”