who would you ideally want to see them play in the WC game, NLDS, NLCS, WS?

The only team that scares me is St.Louis.

While the Cardinals might not be the best team in the playoffs, for whatever reason it seems like the Reds are intimidated by them.

So if the Reds end up as the 2nd WC team I'd prefer to play Pittsburgh in the WC game, and either LA or Atlanta in the NLDS. I would also hope to see St.Louis get beat in their NLDS by either Atlanta or LA.

If at all possible it'd be ideal if the Reds could avoid St.Louis all together in the playoffs.

My thinking is the Pirates will have the playoff jitters, with it being their first appearance in around 20 years, and the Reds seem to play better against Pittsburgh than St. Louis. Having the season come down to 1 game in St.Louis seems a lot scarier than having it in Pittsburgh.

And though Atlanta and L.A both might be better teams I still would like the Reds chances more against them than the Cardinals.

As for the WS, I am not really picky on who the Reds play. If the even make it that far I will be ecstatic.