Mods and Boss, I hope this is OK to post. Not sure exactly which forum it should go in, figured this was the most appropriate one!

Trying to get the word out in and around Nicholasville, KY. This lady went missing friday morning, she never showed up for work and no family or friends have heard from her. I don't know her personally, other than a few hobby-related emails, but people who do know her well say it would not be normal behavior for her to just up and leave, without taking her animals or making some kind of provisions for them.

From a close friend of hers' FB posting:

"Her name is Brenda Suiter (fellow model horse hobbyist!!!), she has been missing since 8/30/2013 from the Nicholasville, Kentucky area. People are very worried about her! Anyone who has information or has seen her, please contact the Jessamine County Sheriff's department: 859-885-4139

MORE INFO: "She left for work Friday and never made it to work. Dogs left at home - not like her to take off and leave her dogs. She drove the Black Dodge truck as seen in the photo with a red license plate on the front"