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I will say this. I can fathom 3 years from now the Reds not having Latos, Bailey, Leake, or Cueto.

That is a valid concern if you ask me.
If it's because of injury, you can say that about every rotation.

If it's because the will be free agents, three years is plenty of time to prepare for it, developing new pitchers, trading them, or letting them walk and getting draft picks for them. By then, the Reds will have gotten 5+ quality years from each of them, which is more than most organizations can dream about from starting pitchers.

It's not like they just go poof in the night and are only a memory. They are all above averge pitchers in their prime. They have a ton of value, and Jocketty ain't Dick Wagner.

I'm really not concerned at all about them, now, or three or five years from now.