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Yes, he's got a bunch more stolen bases...but were they valuable? Not that I can tell. He hasn't scored any more runs than Miggy, even with the thefts, hitting first, having more ab's, etc. I like the stolen base more than most, but I think this part is getting too much weight in the formula IMO. Especially when it doesn't lead to something. If we can calculate when the stolen base equates to a run and THEN figure it in...that would be an improvement imo.
Runs scored is still a function of who is hitting behind you. The stat calculates an estimate of how many runs trout creates as a result of his stellar baser inning, and its not limited to just steals.

Just using the eye test, I agree with you that Trout is the much better defender. So why is his defensive WAR negative? As for Miggy, he's below average over there, but he's not a butcher either IMO. Not to mention that it's not even his natural position. He moved to benefit the team and allow a place for Prince to play. And again, I think this part is factored too heavily in WAR. And this is coming from a defensive freak. :O)
Not sure where you're seeing his defensive WAR as negative. Fan graphs has him at 5.7 runs above average. And I will disagree on Cabrera not being a butcher. He's awful at 3rd. Fan graphs has him at 16 runs below average.

Thanks guys for the feedback. I was hoping that your decisions weren't just WAR, WAR and more WAR. I think it's a useful stat, but not good enough to define one player as better than another. I need more.
I'll say what many often say on this board about WAR. Look at the components individually, and it paints a much better picture of how a player got to his particular WAR. The Trout Cabrera debate has been stated pretty simply by those that support Trout. Cabrera is a slightly better hitter. He is better, no doubt. It's close, but not THAT close. Trout is infinitely better on the bases. Infinitely better in the field. Also plays a more difficult position. Many of us believe that the entire package shows that Trout is more valuable.

Cabrera the better hitter, Trout the more valuable player.