glad i was feeling bad and slept and DVRed tat game.. just watched it and was like how in the world did the Reds play great the last two series then lay a egg against the CUBS????? Goodness.. Did somebody tell them they clinched the division and the rest of theses games are no big deals?? Here is what I WISH would have happened the 1st time Jay Bruce came up.. 2nd and 3rd 2 outs.. has a 2-0 count.. They showed the shift and noway anybody throws him out if he drops a bunt down 3rd.. Jackson throws him a perfect straight down the middle pitch Which he takes, and if he dropped the bunt its 1-0 Reds 1st and 3rd.. of course he has to ground out towards the rightside of the infield..aftyer that to end the threat.. The Cubs looked more motivated in that game..GRRRRRRR..