Although it appears I was wrong in that the Cardinals would be out of the race for the NL Central title by September, I still think the Reds can pull out the division.

However, if the Reds end up in a one game playoff against the Pirates or Cards, who would you start and who do you think the other team would start?

My co-workers (Cards fans) claim that they would go with Joe Kelly if they played the Reds and Wainwright if they played the Pirates.

I would assume the Pirates go with Liriano no matter who they play.

Do the Reds go with Latos or would you go with Cueto or TC if they make it back in time?

I haven't been able to watch but about 30 Reds games this year, and Latos seems to have the best stuff for the postseason. Another question is do you roll the dice with Arroyo or Leake in the one game playoff and try and save Latos for games 1 and 5 for the NLDS? It would be a gamble, but if it worked it would make for a better chance against the Braves or the Dodgers. Just a thought.

Also, I think it's clear that Choo is gone and Hamilton is our CF next year. He may only hit .250, but what he can do on the bases is unreal. Turning 100 singles into doubles shouldn't be much of a stretch. In the end, I think he at least steals as many bases as Tim Raines and more than likely ends up second to Rickey Henderson if he stays healthy.