Many of us around here watch sporting events on TV and if you do, you'll notice that along with beer, automobiles and car insurance ads are commercials for men to treat their low testosterone. Is this really a medical condition? It's my understanding that male testosterone typically drops dramatically in your 40s and 50s. So if you go to the Dr and he says that your T level is half what it was in your 20s (and that's normal), then is it really a medical condition that warrants intervention? Isn't the Low T industry attempting to get people to think that something is medically wrong in order to make $$? I think men should be careful about this and learn from the mistakes of the past that the female medical field learned.

A generation ago, everywhere you turned there were post menopausal females taking Premarin (estrogen supplements). The thinking was your body's not making it like it did in the past so now we need to supplement it, not thinking about for how long or what the long term implications might be. Well, now we know that the long term implications might very well be cancer of various female organs, thus today doctors are very careful about who they put on Premarin and they pretty much say that your grandmother had to deal with these change of life issues, you can too. I think men should be well advised to do the same.