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As a general rule, you don't build a team by trading 1st rd draft picks for future 1st rd picks especially when it's a high 1st that you traded picks to get in the first place.
Again - it wasn't the current ownership, management team, and coaching staff that did that, made those decisions.

So if the current ownership and coaching staff feel their predecessors made a mistake or were wrong-headed, that those move(s) are in opposition to their plans/goals, then they have the obligation to try and correct them. Even if it may be painful as far as this year goes.

And it's funny, but most pundits and sports analysts that I have read over the last several days, while acknowledging the risk and boldness of this trade, aren't so hard on the Browns and question whether it will, in the long-run be a sound move by Indy. Was Richardson worth their 1st round pick? We'll see.

Of course they made that a priority when they drafted Tim Couch too so it takes more than that.
That was 14 yrs ago dude. How many 1st round picks did they use on a QB since, up to Weeden (who I wasn't high on)?

You want a list of all the failed, highly touted 1st round QBs that everyone bragged on, and have failed? LOL

And yes, it takes more. And the Brown's hierarchy has just said so. There are other players/positions on offense they said will have top priority in the next draft. But ya gotta start with a good QB or all else means nothing.