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How did we get into a discussion about Phillips batting second?

Trust me, I know my history. Greg Maddox was one of the best ever because he had command that was better than just about anyone ever. He also benefited from a very large strikezone that he got that most other pitchers didn't.

Knowing the other players helps, but it isn't nearly as important as what you can do on the mound in terms of talent. Locate the baseball. Make it move or throw it hard.

You said Votto had Phillips hitting behind him which was an automatic out. I said that Choo had worse hitters behind him all year in the #2 hole. The numbers prove that.

You can only be good at locating the ball to hitters if you know where to locate it to them. Some like inside pitches, some have a hole on the inside of their swing, some like them low...that takes knowing your opponent.