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It was really something to learn that Liriano, still with fewer than 100 pitches thrown, asked out of the Friday night game at PNC we won.

Driving back from Pittsburgh after seeing the Saturday and Sunday games, listened to local sports radio. Around all the navel-gazing and agonizing brought on by the Steelers collapse, they really had the talk hosts nad fans calling in agreeing in eviscerating Liriano for that move. Not a team player. No way AJ Burnett would ever do that. Etc, etc.

I still think it viable (not probable) we win the division. But, if we don't, I like our chances a lot if we're hosting the playin and facing Liriano. That said, the Steel City radio guys were saying more likely they pitch Burnett if in Cin.
Don't fool yourself.....Liriano and Burnett both had the Reds beat last weekend...the bullpen gave up the game that Liriano started.