Hi all,

Below is my 2-1 team; I lost last week, and had I played anyone other than the person I played (who had Brees and Murray), I'd have won, and I still only lost by six. Still, I have definite areas for improvement in this 12 team non-PPR standard scoring league, and I'm open to your ideas. We start one QB, two RBs, two WRs, one TE and a flex RB/WR.

QB Russell Wilson
QB Jay Cutler
(I just dropped Pryor before his week 3 game to make room for a fill in TE)

RB Jamaal Charles
RB Chris Johnson
RB Darren Sproles
RB Joique Bell
RB Pierre Thomas
RB Bryce Brown

WR Randall Cobb
WR Jordy Nelson
WR Josh Gordon
WR Michael Floyd
WR Emmanuel Sanders (picked him up for Kenny Britt)
(I drafted Stephen Hill, and I'm currently regretting dropping him for a backup QB)

TE Vernon Davis
TE Zach Miller (I only picked him up once it was clear Davis wasn't going to play in week 3)

K Dan Bailey

I switch defenses most weeks based on matchups.

I look to be pretty set at RB (knock on wood) to the point I have the dilemma of Sproles or Bell each week (once Reggie Bush returns). Assuming Davis comes back healthy (maybe even this Thursday), I see my primary needs as a top tier QB (unless you think the rest of my team is good enough to win with Wilson) and another WR that's better than Michael Floyd (especially since my options stink this week since GB is on bye, and after Gordon, that leaves me with the choice of starting Floyd or Sanders). One of the RBs would seem to be by far best my best trade bait, but again, I'd like your thoughts/advice. Thanks in advance.