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What we need is offense. What we have is starting pitching. I say move Cueto and Bailey for some offense. And if we can sign Choo, put Bruce on the block.
While I agree that we need to add "offense," I disagree that we should trade both Bailey and Cueto. I could see Bailey being moved for a bat, but Cueto isn't going anywhere. If we trade two arms out of our rotation who takes their place? Our rotation would be Latos, Leake, Cingrani, ?, and ?. Even if we move Chapman to the rotation (which is still a big question mark) it leaves our depth paper thin. Also, I don't think you trade Bruce. Especially if the primary objective this off season is to improve the offense. Any upgrade over Jay Bruce is going to be older, more expensive, and likely worse in the field. If we are to upgrade the offense we can't start by shipping off one of the teams best offensive players. Move Bailey and change for a right handed high obp bat, add a high obp bat for the bench, hire Brian Price, and call it a day.